NCoin Card FAQ

Where can I learn how to apply my NCoin card?

There is a URL on the back of your purchased card that will direct you to your location’s instruction page.


I have an old NCoin card for Aion and Lineage II.  How will this work?

The old NCoin cards will now hold the same function as the new ones and will grant the new bonus items.


I'm getting an error when attempting to add my code. Why is this?

All NCoin POSA cards must be activated at the register by the retailer from where you purchased the card. If you cannot add the code, please contact the retailer to ensure they've activated the card for you. If they have and you still cannot add the code due to an error, please contact Support.


Where can I purchase an NCoin card?

NCoin cards will be available in North America, South America, Europe and Australia.  Below is the current release schedule for NCoin cards by retailer:

  • 01/11/16 – Gamestop®
  • 01/26/16 – Walmart®
  • 02/2/16 – Best Buy®
  • 03/14/16 – Toys R Us®
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